Creative Director of Flyness, Lover of Curls, Beauty Business Bombshell, and a complete Natural Hair Geek. I'm a visual artist and Curly + Natural Hair is my primary canvas/medium. I work with beautiful women to give them the best cut and color of their textured hair lives, no lye. I'm not a natural hair stylist. Anyone can braid/twist/loc. Though I have and may selectively continue to provide those services, my specialty is Curly Cuts + Creative Color in the red + brunette family. I create lines, shapes, forms, and dimensional saturated hues with coily, curly, and kinky hair. My people are fearless artists, lawyers, doctors, professors, and entreprenuers who feel free to rock their hair, their way . They allow me to fuse my Art School intensity and technical Aveda training to create fly cuts + amazing color to create bomb ass natural hair.

New Client Services

Curl Rehab

Let's have a come to Jesus meeting about your kinks, curls, and coils. This is the service for you to pick my brain about your texture, care routine, product suggestions, and how to perfect your wash + go hair. The service is especially designed for naturals who follow a shea, oil, and butter heavy care practice but still complain of perpetually dry hair. We will perform a deep detox and hydrate+define.

Amplified Cut + Curl Rehab

The Amplified Curl Cut incorporates a curl by curl and curl grouping cutting method done on dry defined curls with specialized detox, hydration, and styling methods that address challenges unique to 3b-4c curly, coily and kinky hair. We will perform a curl consult/initial cut/deep detox/hydrate + define/curl care lesson during your appointment

Curl Rehab + The Set Up

detox and hydrate parched curls, coils, and kinks and set your texture in flat and double twists or finger coils for the crispest twist out you've ever seen.

The Big Chop Experience

Release your straight ends and dive headfirst into being natural. Includes chop, detox cleanse, steam hydration, finishing shape, and curl care lesson. For short term transitioners with 1 - 4 in of new growth. Long term transitioners 12+ months please schedule a Amplified Cut + Curl Rehab for appropriate timing.

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The Love Curls Sessions

dive deep into diy natural hair care and styling with these personalized hands on workshops. have a 1-on-1 session to master the care and styling of your hair or get your girls together for a night of curls and conversation. please follow the book now link to request your session today.

Color + Curls

This hands on workshop is Hair Color 101 for kinks, curls, and waves. We cover how to choose the proper hair color for your texture. We delve into the top 5 reasons hair color damages natural hair and how to prevent it. We will find the best hair color for your complexion and lifestyle. This 2.5 hour session is bookable for 4-15 people either in salon or at a location of your choice. 3hrs/$250

BeautyPrenuer Sessions

artistic + technical + business education for aspiring and seasoned independent beauty professionals.

Studio Policies + Frequently Asked Questions

please view prior to scheduling, calling or emailing. thank you.

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Art + Science of Hair Color: Caring for Your Color Treated Hair At Home

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